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If you are looking for the simplest, safest, most effective and practical method to detox your body, mind and emotions, you’ve come to the right website. After more than 20 years in the business, we have refined our system to cleanse and purify your mental, emotional and physical body, helping you create the required internal environment where all healing takes place.
Subsequently we have helped thousands of people lose weight, flatten their bellies, have clear skin and eyes, heal from cancer, arthritis, gout, high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, headaches, constipation, acid reflux, eczema, psoriasis, fatigue, anxiety, depression and many other ailments from an ever growing long list.

We have successfully worked with an 8 month old baby with gall stones to 85 year olds with severe diseases, with children, housewives, CEO’s, executives, sportsmen, celebrities and high level government officials, local South Africans and people who have travelled from different parts of the world and booked themselves in for up to 21days. We have helped people save gall bladders from being surgically removed, ulcerated limbs from being amputated and gotten people off kidney dialysis.

We have helped people become leaner, cleaner and faster and to grow younger and live longer, disease misery and medicine free. We would like to be of service to you, your friends, family and children.

Yours in vibrant health

Ramesh Ramkumar
Health and Detox Specialist, Colon Hydro Therapist, Best- selling Author, Professional Speaker.

Being Human Detox Centre

The DETOX CENTRE was opened in 1998 by Natural Health and Colon Therapist, Ramesh Ramkumar, using part of his residence at 3 Herman Road, Westville, Durban in South Africa. Since then there have been many changes to the premises to accommodate growth and the steady influx of people, many with a new-found lease on life and many who have been through the most incredible transformational processes to realise the divinity of Being fully Human. Although much has changed since then, the same basic Principles that the Centre was founded on, to nurture, nourish, care and comfort each and every individual who passes through its doors has not changed. The personal attention and the ever present human touch of honesty, integrity, dedication and commitment to serve those who bring their pain and suffering to us have been the key factors in their healing process.

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